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Sponsorship Guidelines


K+S Potash Canada is proud to support the communities in which we live and work.


The three main areas in which we provide support are:


Youth: The next generation is our legacy and we support community projects and programs for youth that let them grow in the areas of physical fitness and arts and culture; as well as health initiatives focused on research and the wellbeing of all children.


Environmental sustainability: We value the environment and are happy to support programs and initiatives designed to protect and preserve nature.


Employment and skills training: A strong community starts from within, and to that end we support projects that encourage skills training, particularly in trades, engineering and geosciences.


The following are the measures against which sponsorship and donations requests will be assessed:

  • Benefits at least one or more of the priority areas of support (Youth, Environmental Sustainability and Employment and Skills Training
  • Recipients of services which the organization offers reside within at least 75km of operations or offices of KSPC, with priority given to those which benefit individuals within 75km of a KSPC mine site (Bethune and area, Regina, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon)
  • Apparent financial need


Organizations must also either be a registered Canadian charity, or operate as a not-for-profit in order to be eligible for sponsorship or donation.


The following are examples of types of organizations which normally will not be supported:

  • Religious groups or religiously affiliated groups
  • Political parties or political fundraising
  • Individuals, teams or travel